Fritz Springmeier - The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines & their Mind Control . . .

0:14:00 If we go back to the beginning, we will find that there were two sources of truth . . .

0:32:13 gnosticism - 1.) claim hidden knowlege, and you get an instant powerbase, 2.) dish it out incrementally, 3.) set up two religions . . .

0:47:47 a few of our masonic presidents:  washington, andrew johnson, william mckinley, william taft, theodore roosevelt, fdr, truman, ronald reagan

1:23:20 it's not a Catholic or Jewish conspiracy, it's the mystery religions (1:24:12) . . . 1:25:22 the catholic church is a daughter of the harlot

1:35:25 news media said reason al gore carried blood in suitcase was cause he's a hemophiliac - truth is, he's addicted to blood / vampirism [more likely, in case there's an attempt made on his life, ie. Obama keeps blood in his limo, "The Beast"]

1:40:55 illuminati control of health care

1:41:09 illuminati control of farming - get diagram through prophecy club

1:41:42 illuminati control of hollywood / federal reserve / book: "be wise as serpents" /
. . . . . . . . . . Fritz Springmeier And His Work / Be Wise As Serpents, 3 pdfs . . .

1:42:45 denominations:  episcopal - free masons use the church / joseph smith amulets / brigham young

1:44:27 JW - Taze Russel - murdered by Illuminati

1:49:00 explanation of mind control / amnesia walls

1:55:29 what do you think favorite occupation is for men in the illuminati?  judges, lawyers, politicians?  no - christian clergyman, that's the best front [episcopalian, UMC ?] . . . or a programmer

1:56:49 to get a photographic memory, electronically scar the brain stem, then divide the personalities, and each one will have it

1:57:57 it's how you make the perfect spy, or the perfect assassin - you create the perfect front . . . perfect assassins would be from the amish, they have been infiltrated . . .

2:01:53 all the lone shooters are mind controlled people

2:02:36 no way you can tell if the pastor is for real or not, unless you follow him around for 24 hours, and know the hand signals, you can't really know what he's about - the programming gives him a dr jekyll / mr hyde effect - and they don't even that they're controlled, it's not even apparent to the person being controlled

2:03:54 At the Presidio, where they do a lot of programming - near Palace of the Fine Arts, where it Illuminati do rituals, the 6th Army is also headquartered at the Presidio, there logo is the hexagram in a circle with the Satanic anarch "A" in it, Michael Aquino is in it, head of the Church of Set, they do mind control in the Temple of Set

2:05:06 Tavistock Clinic in the UK - they do programming there also

2:07:58 examples of how the alters cannot be reached - they've been told they don't have a heart / if you quote scripture, a deaf and dumb alter may take the body, or a scrambling alter makes them hear "Jesus hates you," it's very sophisticated - they have the black widow program, where pastors are targeted, they seduce the minister, then black mail him (jimmy swaggert, others reported they had the same problem)

2:10:30 anything the American people are proud of is being used for this purpose, like disney movies, wizard of oz, alice in wonderland, star wars, star trek, trek spinoffs . . .

2:14:00 reptilian eyes in american magazines . . . some actually have them . . .

2:20:53 The have already moved a lot of the first contingents of foreign troops into the United States, some of you I am sure have seen the maps that they came up with years ago where they had planned out which foreign nations would send troops to what regions of the United States.  They don't want Americans patrolling American regions for the New World Order, why they might be too loyal to their American civilians.

2:21:27 They have built a German airbase in New Mexico that the Germans control, and here in Kansas you will notice that they have been training Russian police at Yoder, Kansas, and that there have been large contingents of Russian troops and military hardware that have been brought through the United States.  Some of it's stockpiled, one witness talked to me about the caves in Mexico which had large stockpiles of Soviet weapons.

2:22:05 And of course then, are their long range plans of what they're going to do with this planet, and, eventually, it seems like they want to, and this is looking way into the future, move things to Australia, as the center of things. If you will look at things right now, the mother country of the Illuminati is England, and the center of England is London, but there are two different Londons, maybe you're not familiar with that.  There is a small enclave within greater London, which is also called London, but it's the financial district, and it's called "The City," and it is a private enclave, and what is interesting about "The City" of London, which is controlled by the Illuminati, is that it's set where that financial district can have financial transactions because of the way the time zones are set all around the world within one day.  It's the only location in the world where they can conduct from one particular point transactions with all the world's financial markets - and that area of the world has been like the center point for the Illuminati for a long time, but what I'm saying is that they eventually hope to move that.