If you live in reaction to error in the church, or define yourself in terms of what you "are not," then you end up never speaking the Truth.

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord?
No.  1 Thessalonians says that you're in the grave until Jesus returns, waiting with those still alive.
You're not in heaven right away.
The soul goes to heaven.
Does the body follow later?
No.  Revelation says that the elect will be priests and kings, and rule on earth.

Wise men visited Jesus as a child - in a house - they never saw Him in the manger. Plus, He was not a baby.
He never instructed us to think of Him as a baby, or to remember His birthday.
He said to remember His death, resurrection, and ascent to heaven - and, as He is now - not as a baby.
Jesus is no longer a baby - Jesus is Lord
Don't think of the baby as Lord.