The Global Threat of Homosexuality - by Pastor Scott Lively . . .

18:37  The key aspect of fascism is oppression of opposing views

19:33  Gays claim to be the champions of tolerance, but they actively seek to shut down opposing views

25:38  Through rejecting the light of the Word, the "reprobate" mind no longer has the ability to perceive Truth, ie. if a person sees nothing evil in the picture of an aborted baby, that's an example of the reprobate mind.

26:38  In the Bible, God gives the example of homosexuality as the "reprobate" mind - probably because it's tied in with how we're created.

28:07  Ro 1:28-32 God gives them over to a reprobate mind (illegal in Sweden without being arrested, or persecuted intensely)

30:40  2 Ti 3:1 Men will be lovers of self . . . lovers of pleasure rather than love of God

32:48  I Co 6:9-11 The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God

34:07  There is no place in the scripture where there's any tolerance for homo, in any form

34:20  Jesus never condemned homosexuality?  Well, Jesus is God, and God destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah - Jesus and the Father are one

37:22  The political Gay movement to control society, in the modern context, started in Germany in the 1860s, see "The Pink Swastika"

37:59  It followed on the heels of the Higher Criticism movement (rejection of the Bible, rejection of the miracles of the Bible - presented as mythology and fables)

38:13  As a result of this, occultism and homosexuality swept into Germany, they were intertwined.

38:33  The gay movement came to full fruition by the 1920s, and was instrumental in the collapse of Germany, and German society, with the Third Reich

38:45  At the end of WWII, the movement jumped the ocean, and came to the United States, the center of power of it

38:55  In the 1920s, the first seed of the homosexual movement was planted on our soil in Chicago, by the German-American soldier Henry Gerber . . . . . . He had come back from serving in occupied Germany in WWI.

40:15  Gerber molested someone named Champ Simmons

40:20  When Simmons became an adult, he molested a boy named Harry Hay . . . . . . and Harry Hay became the father of the American Gay Movement

40:43  There is a sort of gay nepotism

40:47  Hay emerges in the late 1940s with the Mattachine Society . . . . . . he taught all the gay activist how to organize in cells to overthrow culture - a Marxist technique used for "gay rights"

41:39  The gay activists then start work on overthrowing the moral culture

42:53  Within 50 years, how did we get to the place where they're teaching kindergarterns in California that homosexuality is normal?  From being reviled, to having more power than the Christian church?

43:30  This shows you that this is a spiritual phenomenon, and that's why God has singled out, and selected this particular behavior, to be the indicator of extreme apostasy, the furthest edge of deviance, and warning sign that things are in really, really bad shape.

43:58  Where did the sexual revolution come from?  From the gay movement, that was their strategy.  To get control, and make homosexuality acceptable, you have to corrupt heterosexuality.

45:38  Kinsey was funded by the Rockefeller foundation to corrupt Biblical morality

46:25  Next came Hugh Heffner who built an empire on it, he called himself Kinsey's pamphleteer, and popularized it to all the blue collar men of society

48:04  The women at first reacted negatively to it, in the late 1950's, the women's movement was opposed to it, "We don't want to be treated like sex objects," but they were infiltrated and taken over by lesbians who promoted the idea that true equality meant being able to do what the men were doing.  As soon as the women said "yes," that was what we call the sexual revolution, in the early 1960s.

49:35  At some point in the 1960s, the society chose sexual freedom over family. Easily available contraception played a major factor.

51:01  In the Bible, you never see anything about a marriage ceremony, originally, marriage was when two people came together in a sexual union.  It's good to have a marriage ceremony for everyone, but from God's perspective, that's what "one flesh" means.  By doing that, they're claiming the other person as their life long spouse and mate.

52:08  So now, you have so many people not caring about marriage anymore, and just having sex because they want to . . . the backup system is the abortion industry, to facilitate fornication and adultery

52:50  Who is your opposition if you go to picket an abortion clinic?  The homosexuals, mainly lesbians.  Why would they be there?  They can't have a baby.  Why do they care?  Because they know that abortion is the pillar of sexual freedom.  If you don't have it, you can't choose sexual freedom over family.

53:39  In 1973, you have abortion on demand with Roe vs. Wade - now all parts of the culture war are in place:  abandonment of marriage as the standard, rampant fornication, contraception, abortion on demand, no fault divorce, and the homosexual movement starting to come out of the closet.

54:29  Now you go from a couple of STDs to over 100 at epidemic levels, over 75% of women have HPV

57:50  The gays knew that this would happen - promiscuity is the ultimate hook the devil can get into your life

59:42  Today, gays are at the head of the parade of sexual freedom.  They drive the popular culture - "Homosexualists" - this includes homosexuals, and those who have embraced the gay philosophy

60:19  Homosexualists are sitting in the seats of power today.  They run the universities, the high schools, the grammar schools.  They have the President . . . he has installed over 175 active homosexuals in his administration

61:14  They changed the name from the "Gay Lesbian Straight Teacher's Network" to the "Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network" because the "Teacher's Network" gave it away too much.  It was too obvious that this was a bunch of activists in the schools.  They changed it just before they started launching what they call gay-straight alliance clubs in the high schools.

61:52  Many of the kids in these clubs that get wrapped up in this are the misfits for the most part.  They don't have friends - chubby, acne, socially awkward - they get into these clubs, and start to adopt a gay identity.

62:15  They then go to local community centers, where they meet up with adult homosexuals.  

66:03  There is nothing complicated about restoring the society to righteousness - it starts with you - have a Biblical worldview - and teach this to others

69:26  To support this ministry, he sells subscriptions to his newsletter:  $25 for 1 yr, $40 for 2 years


Killing gays in Uganda may seem to be a result of the Christian teaching against homosexuality, but it is not.

Killing gays is wrong, and it is against the Word of God.

The teaching is that gay is wrong, but killing them is not right.  How do we know this from scripture?

Jesus and the woman taken in adultery, John 7:53-8:11 . . .

. . . in John 8:7 . . . "So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

Now is our time of grace, then the judgment.

Jesus said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments" . . . John 14:15 (KJV)

. . . The ones killing gays in Uganda are probably not Christians - you don't have to be a Christian to be against homosexuality - so the deaths are the results of being in a non-Christian culture.

. . . In America, we have seen an uprising of militant gays - who seek to snuff out Christianity - in America, they're the agressors.  If Christian morality goes, then here, it too will become a non-Christian culture, eventually leading to the killing of gays.

Communists use classes of people to achieve power.  When they're no longer useful, they kill their own, because of the godless, dictator mentality.


Critic of Exodus and Reparative Therapy - Exodus Co-Founder: We Were Both Fascinated And Scared By Gay Activists . . .

Sex Change Regret . . .


Lots of churches today think that gay is ok.

Man "thinks" of a lot of things are ok.  What matters, though, is what God has "said."


It's anti-American to be against gay . . . ?

America was founded on Christian principles.  Gay is against the moral law.  So it's American to be anti-gay / anti-life.

The anti-Western civilization, godless communists support gay.  They seek to destroy America.

What is communism?   . . . Communists are anti-God, anti-Country, and anti-Family

Communists seek to destroy Western Civilization (ie. the family), and to make big government the surrogate father of all.

For example, big government has become the surrogate father to the unwed black mother, and her children.  She has no need for the black father, thus, destroying the black family.

Communism is a two-class system of the super-rich, and the super poor.  There is no middle class.  The middle class is a threat to the ruling class.

Other manifestations of communism:

The Feminist hand in the communist glove

The Homosexual hand in the communist glove

Leftists are:

1.) Outside of Jesus

2.) They seek to do the opposite of Biblical law

3.) Think they're above civil law

4.) Think they're God


Written out from this page (below)

Types of Marriage found in the Bible . . .

. . . Somewhere in Lively's video, above, he said that you never see God blessing the union of a same-sex couple - that is verified - here:

Marriage =

Man + Woman (Nuclear Family), Gen 2:24

. . . Wives subordinate to their husbands

. . . Interfaith marriages forbidden

. . . Marriages generally aranged, not based on romantic love

. . . Bride who could not prove her virginity was stoned to death

Man + Wives + Concubines

. . . Abraham (2 concubines)

. . . Gideon (1)

. . . Nahor (1)

. . . Jacob (1)

. . . Eliphaz (1)

. . . Gideon (>=1)

. . . Caleb (2)

. . . Manassah (1)

. . . Solomon (300)

. . . Belshazzar (>1)

Man + Woman + Woman's Property, Gen 16

. . . Man could acquire his wife's property including her slaves

Man + Woman + Woman + Woman ... (Polygamy)

. . . Lamech (2 wives)

. . . Esau (3)

. . . Jacob (2)

. . . Ashur (2)

. . . Gideon (many)

. . . Elkanah (2)

. . . David (many)

. . . Solomon (700)

. . . Rehaboam (3)

. . . Abijah (14)

. . . Jehoram, Joash, Ahab, Jeholachin, Belshazzar

Man + Brother's Widow (Levirate Marriage), Gen 38:6-10

. . . Widow who had not born a son, required to marry her brother in law

. . . Must submit sexually to her new husband

Rapist + His Victim, Deut 22:28-29

. . . Virgin who is raped must marry her rapist

. . . Rapist must pay victim's father 50 shekels of silver for property loss

Male Soldier + Prisoner of War, Num 31:1-18, Deut 21:11-14

. . . Under Moses' command, Israelites kill every Midianite man, woman and child; save for the virgin girls who are taken as spoils of war

. . . Wives must submit sexually to their new owners

Male Slave + Female Slave, Ex 21:4

. . . Slave owner could assign female slaves to his male slaves

. . . Female slaves must submit sexually to their new husbands

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Varieties of Biblical Marriage . . .


Subject:  The best argument Against redefining marriage

Excerpts from this page:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[Marriageophiles] feel no ill will toward LGBT people, but believe that there is something special about male-female relationships—marriages—especially because of their role in rearing children.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In France, a repeating refrain is “the rights of children trump the right to children.” . . .

The right to a child, according to Bernheim and Barret, does not exist; it would mean changing children, as Bernheim says, from “child as subject” to “child as object.” Bunel states in Figaro that such a shift violates international law by denying the right of children to have a mother and a father. Bunel writes:

I oppose this bill because in the name of a fight against inequalities and discrimination, we would refuse a child one of its most sacred rights, upon which a universal, millennia-old tradition rests, that of being raised by a father and a mother. You see, two rights collide: the right to a child for gays, and the right of a child to a mother and father. The international convention on the rights of the child stipulates in effect that “the highest interest of the child should be a primary consideration” (Article 3, section 1).

Bunel suggests that laws allowing gay people to create unnecessary same-sex households for unwitting children should be brought to Europe’s high court of human rights.

Homovox is a web portal for testimonials from gay men who oppose the “marriage for all” bill. Hervé Jordain, a Marseille homosexual, says on Homovox, “It is utterly abnormal to uphold one’s ‘right’ to have a child … A child is not a cute little doll you go out and buy on December 15.”

Echoing this growing sense among France’s gay men that the metropolitan movement for gay parenting has fostered a selfishness and destructive disregard for others among LGBT leaders, “Benoît,” a 43-year-old gay business owner, says, “this bill is a dupe … it is a lie, an error, a farce. It is like looking for a magic spell to say gay and straight people are the same.”

Emmanuel, a gay art historian, says bluntly, “Why must we say gay and straight couples are the same? They are not equal.” Even more eloquently, gay blogger Philippe Ariño cautions, “equality is not a good thing by itself. There are bad forms of equality. We call that conformism, uniformity, banality.” . . .

. . . The idea of instrumentalizing children’s lives as a way of fulfilling gay aspirations is so abhorrent to a foundational Gallic sense of decency that the gay men who are being invoked to license it seem first in line to denounce it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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"Once you know the Truth, the power of the enemy is totally broken - he can only come against you with deception.  The battle is in the mind.  You don't deal with demons, just their lies and deception.  It's the spirit of the anti-Christ, not the spirit of the anti-Buddah."

Describes exorcism of a gay man - He writhed on the ground like a snake, barked like a dog, and was then set free