Triumph of the Mockers - Part 1 of 3 . . .

Triumph of the Mockers - Part 2 of 3 . . .

Triumph of the Mockers - Part 3 of 3 . . .

Book available on  Triumph of the Mockers, The Confessions of a Gay Rights Activist, F. Connor Cason ( from the back cover . . . )

You MUST know the truth about gay rights, gay life and the gay church!

The strategies and decisions that birthed America's gay rights movement in the '70s.........Revealed!

The roots of the gay church in America and how its theology developed.........Uncovered!

Gay life as it really is and the truth that will never be told by today's media.........Discovered!

The testimony of a gay pastor and his 30 year journey out of the gay community.........Powerfully told!

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VII sneer and mockery of the most sacred and profane - leads to scorn

IX parades are about scorn and mockery - may seem like humor, but it's much more - laughter at the serious - nothing is just for fun, it is all mockery and scorn personified - satire upon satire

23 role of the gay confessor - find out who your friends, and enemies, are - counter your enemies next time - the shock troops of the movement - shock is the battering ram (ie. holding hands in public places)

25 great commission of the movement is same-sex contact to get recruits

27 connor ordained - host greets him with sex

28 soddom and gamorah due to inhospitality - wouldn't convince theologians, but the target audience is the public

33 anita bryant - becomes their devil

35 tactics - proclaim that god loves you, but don't link it to godly living - a more blatant form of mockery of the truth:  violence towards gays . . . any form of criticism is a prelude towards violence

74 demon of self - the answer is outside of you

76 freeway out of this hell - you're living in your body, but god is a spirit

85 church needs the power of god, or gays will overwhelm

86 change is possible!  don't believe the lie created 30 years ago.

91 just let the HS do all the work

98 Ro 12 - surrender body and mind to the Lord

99 thoughts govern emotions / will / sin - the mechanism of slavery or freedom

101 turning your back on the body and self, as described in Ro 12, is to reject the major portion of gay life - god is the lifeboat away from the titanic - he's shown you the iceberg - redeemed you from the deepest pit and most steadfast hold of satan

102 the deepest pit in one's life is your will - submit your will to God, then change can happen

102 don't pray "change me," but "your will be done" - leads to the conclusion that god doesn't want you gay

103 gays today refuse to believe that a small group of men 30 years ago gave birth to what they have today:  slogans and stories behind the lines of gay logic - but it is all true

107 gay apologetics - convince the christians there is no way out

109 elitism and thrills - two problems with the gay man

122 why single out homosexuality as a sin?

125 gays become strong internally, and isolated, through abuse - he learns to not need anyone but himself

128 change ministries use scripture, but unless you know the author, it's only literature

129 study and logic may not involve the spirit - a person in church is not there to study cancer, they are anointed and prayed for, and they can learn all about the cancer after they're healed

129 no where in the bible does god bless the union of two men or two women living together

135 having a form of godliness, but denying the power therof (what's "power" referring to here?)

136 don't waste your time trying to help young gays, they have no history or regrets or scars yet - living is just getting started - they make up answers to life's questions as they go

141 homosexuals have a mania to be loved - lonely men, who need to be held

142 he is a jealous god - connor makes sure he puts down everything to talk to him at the end of the day - god is _always_ there to listen

146 the kingdom of heaven is within (Jesus is the way back to paradise), there is a spiritual chamber inside, the place to be is inside with him

150 the gospel is not inclusive, it divides the sinner from the believer, the sheep from the goats, [wheat from the chaff] - it's not a tent for everyone

153 narrow is the way, few there be that find it - it's the love of god, not men, that is imperative, demands of the gospel

155 gay preaching:  change is not possible, and not needed, no need to correct what is not flawed

157 are there different requirements in the gospel for those who are gay?  does the HS work differently in someone who is straight?  I AM does not change, but man never stops inventing something new.

159 II Pe and Jude say homosexuality and sexual lusts are signs of the last days

160 mixing several fabric types is no longer applicable today, so neither is prohibition of homosexuality.  the "cultural setting" argument is a convenient tactic.

161 "gay love" is different than what takes place in the bath houses, this is sex with love, passion, with romance, and god approves of it because he is love

162 the term "gay love" is scorn and derision against "what god hath joined together, let not man put asunder," it is not holy and not a spiritual union - there is no sanctity or future committment, gay unions are just an excuse for them to dress up and have a 

place to go

163 the gay church is just aphrodite's temple in a contemporary setting, in the framework of christianity

164 gay theology attempts to separate the act of homosexuality from the actor - god didn't condemn homosexual acts because the sinner wasn't actually gay - god won't punish you because you're just being what he created sodom's sin of inhospitality - this lie was invented early in the gay movement, in the 1970s.  this feeble attempt to change scripture is the whimper of the desperate . . . does the gay community exhibit hospitality today?  taking a man home and infecting him with aids by stealth, stabbings, emotional tortures, abusive behavior of gays against gays - if there is no sin in sex, is there sin in violence and murder?

165 what hospitality is there in tormenting congregations that disagree with you?

168 "Jesus loves you just the way you are" is the primary heresy of the gay church movement - He always required repentance, and instructs the sinner to "sin no more."  Conversion is parting with sin.

169 "redemption has nothing to do with sexuality" . . . ?  sexuality is off the table . . . ?  although it's the same god that gave a commandment to moses against adultery, which Jesus strengthened, and emphasized that a man and woman became one flesh in marriage - proof of the lie is the life transformed


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