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Summary of the Hegelian Dialectic:  Create a problem, then propose the pre-made solution that you want to implement

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12:25  You can't get involved in Satanism on the hard core level without first being a Free Mason

15:44  You cannot be a Satanic priest unless first of all you're a Catholic priest

17:52  All of the powerful initiations took him over what is called the "Abyss," an occult term - it means that you transcend good and evil, you're beyond good and evil, you're beyond morality, you are essentially a god

24:33  Mormonism was started by witches, for witches, to give them a place to hide out if they get into deep spiritual trouble

25:19  Joseph Smith was a warlock

29:28  If you had to put a name to the conspiracy that's come down through the ages, some call it the Illuminati, but in its purest form, it's essentially Free Masonry

34:13 Matthew 16 ... beware the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees ... leaven is their false doctrine ... the Sadducess were a lot like today's liberals, they denied the resurrection, they denied the existence of the supernatural realm, they denied the spirit world ...  

44:04  The Father pillar - the Patriarchs:  Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - it's a patriarchal tradition

44:40  When the Jews turned their back on the message of Christ in Acts 7 when they stoned Steven, that's when the light spiritually went out of Israel as a nation, and Jews had to start getting saved the same way as gentiles, one at a time, they need to receive Jesus as Messiah

45:29  The female and male come together in the center, they bring together and androgynous figure that is both male and female.  What that is both witchcraft and Free Masonry. It's a bi-polar God, the same thing as Babylonian witchcraft.

46:59  The path of Masonry's royal secret down through the centuries - What's the royal secret?  Only 1 in a 100 Masons knows it.  It's a horrible, disgusting secret.  There's nothing royal about it.

48:15 Gnosticism - they believe that you're saved by secret knowledge.  It's a Greek heresy off of the truth of Christianity.  They think that Christianity is too simple, they think you have to go through elaborate rituals, and details, and deal with Archons and Aeons and Logos, in order to receive salvation.  Modern day gnostics would be the Mormons, the Masons, a lot of New Agers - they believe you're saved by acquiring archane, hidden wisdom.

58:56 Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuits - A Spanish knight, he wanted to start an order of warrior monks to protect the Pope.  He called the orderr "Los Ilumbrados," The Illuminated ones, the Pope didn't like it though, so they changed it to The Society of Jesus . . . his spiritual exercises are the beginning of what eventually became the Illuminati mind control exercises.

1:02:07 The Grand Orient (France), 1773, is the most virulent, anti-Christian form of Masonry that exists in the world today

1:02:42  1776, origin of the Illuminati, Adam Visaupt, he got the idea of wouldn't it be great if there were a society, within the society of Free Masonry, that would work for the abolition of the monarchy, of the church, and of the family, and bring people back to a wonderful state of pure paganism.

1:03:16  He started to put together a hell broth that put four things together:  1.) Islamic mysticism and magic, 2.) Jesuit mind control techniques, 3.) Masonic secrets of immortality, and, 4.) drug induced, altered states of consciousness - he began to infiltrate the lodge, the goal was to replace the monarchy with noble philosopher kings, led by him of course, who would rule the world with benevolent wisdom

1:04:16  What are the fruits of true Illuminism?  Take a look at the French Revolution - the anti-matter version of the American Revolution

1:04:54  Sadly enough, it culminated in the desecration of Notre Dame Cathedral, they enthroned a half naked prostitute on the high alter, crowned her as the Goddess of Reason, and put a torch in her hand - this is the origin of the Statue of Liberty.  It's not a nice, wonderful thing about freedom.  The torch is the light of Lucifer.  The statue was built by a Mason.  It was designed by a French Free Mason as a gift to American Free Masons.   It's essentially a symbol of the goddess of witchcraft, holding aloft the light of Lucifer.

1:06:01  Visaupt saw the world divided into 5 stages - the Law of Fives:  1.) Chaos, 2.) Discord, 3.) Confusion, 4.) Bureaucracy, 5.) Aftermath . . . Chaos was thought to be man's best, and purest state - paganism, like the noble savage of Rousseau, basically, being a witch, worshiping a mother goddess . . . this can only be temporary though, and into this paradise comes Jehovah, who brings the idea of monotheism, that there is only one true God, which is what Jews, Christians and Muslims believe, but it's diametrically opposed to paganism - and this is why pagans *hate* Christians so much, we insist that we've got the only right way.  The witch will say, "Well you have your belief, and I have mine."  According to Visaupt, they oppressed the happy pagans, and made them follow "rules," which caused Discord . . . this lead to Confusion and Bureaucracy, where people are micro-managed and discouraged (Aftermath), the Chaos starts again - happy pagans - but this time, they will be ruled by the noble philosopher, Visaupt.

1:12:16  The Hegelian Dialectic - you artificially create a crisis, then you provide the solution to the crisis, which of course required bureaucracy and government regulations - used today by the international conspiracy

1:13:38 This fusion of sorcery with statecraft, which Visaupt began, was brought to an even higher level by a gentleman named Albert Pike, and Gisuppe Monsini, in the 19th century, and it has tooled Free Masonry into the dangerous machine that it is today, as part of the international conspiracy.

1:14:19 The Masonic Order is like an onion, it has layer, after layer, after layer, after layer . . . and the outer layers don't know what's going on in the inner layers.  This is the way that secret societies are designed.  This is the way that cults are designed.  That's why the typical Mason doesn't have a clue about anything that I'm talking about tonight . . . 99 out of 100 Masons are never allowed to know these things.

1:15:24 The cell approach to learning Illuminism, like the Communist party in the 50's and 60's.  There's a sifting process.

1:18:52 Satan is an inveterate copycat . . . He wants to be worshiped as God.  When he sees Christians being adopted into the family of God, he figures he's going to try and do the same thing with his slaves.  If you are a Mason, realize that when you kneel at the Alter of Masonry as an Entered Apprentice, and you take that oath, you are adopted into the family of Lucifer at that moment . . . countless Christian lay people are doing this, something has to give, and usually it's one's Christian walk, you cannot serve two masters.

1:24:15  Deluged in the blinding light of Lucifer - you get the consciousness of Lucifer, that's what it means to be Illuminated, to be an Illuminati - gradually, you are converted to evil:  a lack of compassion, a lack of mercy, you begin to look at human beings as if they were cattle or bugs . . . it's supposed to bring a quantum leap forward in consciousness, and create a higher form of humanity - Homo Noeticus, the new man, who is as far above human beings, as you are above cats and dogs

1:26:09  The next stage is Congress - you have to have sex with a fallen angel, "Marriage" withe the "Mighty Dead" - it nearly destroys everyone who goes through it - you go through a formal marriage, the Biblical principle is that when you have sex, you become one flesh with that person.  At this point, you become highly demon possessed.  The result is that you become a vile, evil person.

1:27:06  The final stage is union with Lucifer - You become one with him - You have so many demons in you, that's there's no one at home inside, except the demons (ie. Hitler, Manson)

1:29:52  That's the stick, there's a carrot also.  You're promised immortality because you had sex with the fallen angel - but it's a lie

1:31:10  On the back of the dollar are Roman Numerals, 1776 - You think it's when America started, but that's not it - May 1, 1776 is a high satanic holiday, Beltane, it's the beginning of the Illuminati

1:32:33  Diagram - How to break down the 13 levels on the pyramid

1:33:14  "The 9 Unknown Men" (who reign over a continent), report to "The 7" (powerful, fallen angels), they report to Lucifer

1:37:04  What is the royal secret of Masonry? . . . You have become yoked to many occultists through a spiritual tie . . .  "Be ye not unequally yoked to unbelievers" . . . 1:40:27 Crowley uncovered it . . . as a Mason, you're promised immortality - how do you get it?  not through Jesus, you are not allowed to mention His name in the Blue Lodge of Masonry . . . The secret that Crowley uncovered is that immortality is conveyed through Tantric Sex Magic with a little child . . . Crowley taught that the way you could live forever was by vampirizing little children sexually - he bragged about doing this, it's why he was called the wickedest man in the world - Masons do this, not all of them though, only 1 in a 100, but it's a significant problem.  They believe they access alternate universes this way where they can become as gods.


1:40:15 Crowley began doing rituals, he started the Cult of the Fascinating Child.  In doing this, he uncovered the Royal Secret of Masonry. He published a book of poetry that made an allusion to something ... Theodore Royce, German occultist, head of the OTO (Order of Eastern Templars), told Crowley he had given away the greatest secret in occult history.  He said he didn't understand . . . he promptly initiated him on the spot to the 9th degree of the OTO, and explained the secret to him . . . How do you get immortality?  Through Tantric Sex Magic - sexual violation of a little child. Crowley taught, live forever by vampirizing children sexually.  He personally bragged of having slaughtered 150 male children in one year.  This is why he was called the wickedest man in the world.  Higher level Masons are doing this.  They think that every time they defile a child, they steal some of that child's youth, and if you notice, children that were sexually abused to age more rapidly, because their innocence has been stolen . . . 1:47:14 Transyuggothian Magic . . . If you're a Christian in Masonry, Crowley influences Masonry, and that leaven affects you, so you will move in the areas of pedophilia and homosexuality - you're like a fish swimming polluted water that's filled with spiritual sewage . . . "You cannot at the same time be an intelligent Christian, and an intelligent Mason." 

1:43:56  The meaning of All Seeing Eye - Crowley reveals it in his book, "Thoth."  It's the eye of Lucifer, but it also corresponds to a human organ (orifice?), the rectum.  The teaching is that by accessing alternate universes through sodomy, especially of young boys, you can access alternate dimensions of reality, through what are called the "Tunnels of Tyfoam" (see book, "Lucifer Dethroned for more info) - the goal is to find your own universe, and become the god there, then you can suck the energy out of it to live forever - this is a deception, you don't live forever, but the people believe it.  You don't want to be in an organization like this, you can't help but take the influence into yourself.  Under that headship, you will get attraction to little boys.

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The Prophecy Club Exposing the Illuminati from Within Bill Schnoebelen 2 - YouTube . . .

0:00:32  Ministry:  With One Accord - for people in cults and the occult / newsletter

0:01:20  Satan loves to defile innocence, like children

0:02:30  Satan's fondest dream is that victims will be impervious to the gospel message because of how they've been treated

0:03:37  Satan believes that by doing this, he's building an army for Armageddon, that can defeat Jesus when He returns

0:03:58  It's obvious that there will be more people on Satan's side than on Jesus' side - narrow is the way that leads to eternal life - but it doesn't matter, we're just a cheering section - He doesn't need an army, because He's God Almighty

0:07:05  Even with the death of Mengele, MKUltra lives on today in an even more heinous form as the Monarch Project - it fuses child abuse with Satanism - children are tortured, drugged, electrocuted, hypnotized - and have demons implanted

0:08:15  Michael Aquino, General in the US Army, with the highest clearance, supervises - he is head of the Temple of Set, second largest Satanic organization in America

0:08:52  Connection between Nazi Germany and the occult . . . both LaVey and Aquino are fond of Naziism - a magical system to fuel the 3rd Reich - see LaVey's book, The Satanic Rituals

0:10:25  Ewos gave the mantle / authority from Crowley to Aquino - he's like John the Baptist of Satanism, through the Monarch program

0:12:05  Woman with 55 personalities . . . she was a rat's nest of demonic deception, only the power of the Holy Spirit could straighten her out, no therapist could, only a higher intellect could set her free - but some "like" the condition, separate personalities, their "alters" - many want to hold on to their pain, because they don't trust God

0:36:27  E-B the alien - extra-biological entity

0:41:11  There are four kinds of alien encounters per Dr. J. Alan Heineich, astronomer from Northwestern Univ, ran Project Bluebook / cover-up . . . Close Encounter of the . . .

1.)  1st kind - seeing a UFO up close in the sky

2.)  2nd kind - if the UFO landed, and produced some physical evidence of it being there, like if it crashed, burn marks on the ground, print marks of landing gear, radioactive residue

3.)  3rd kind - when the UFO lands, and you see or communicate with the alien

4.)  4th kind - in 1961, Betty and Barney Hill - alien abduction, book "Interrupted Journey"

0:45:23  the aliens smell like sulfur

0:46:38  if people talk about the experience, they are sometimes hassled by the dreaded MIBs, Men in Black

0:47:07  there are three kinds of aliens reported:  1.) the greys, 2.) the Nordics that look like us, but better, 3.) the Reptoids, or Draconians (dragon in Latin), they look like humanoid reptiles, and are shape-shifters

0:48:20  The Reptoids have been sighted in shopping malls by the cleaning people, below Salt Lake City - there are 8 stories of tunnels below the Salt Lake Temple in Temple Square

0:49:17  The E.T.'s aren't extra-terrestrials, they're infra-terrestrials - they come from hell

0:49:37  Seven types of beings found in the Bible:

1.)  God

2.)  Higher Spirit Beings - cherubs, seraphim, one fallen cherub, Lucifer

3.)  Angels - elect and evil

4.)  Humans

5.)  Mysterious "giants" - Nephilim

6.)  Demons

7.)  Animals

0:49:52  Matthew 24, What was the most prominent sin in the days of Noah?  The sin of Gen 6 - the sons of God had sex with human women to produce offspring that were either mighty men, demi-gods, or monsters - end result is the same, corruption of the human race

0:52:02  Warning from Paul in I Co 11, a woman should have power over her head for the sake of the angels, she should have her head covered, not a veil or hat in church, but, a spiritual concern of headship, they're the weaker vessel, they have sensitivities, they're spiritually sensitive, men are not by and large - the point is, they need a headship covering, if married, it's their husband, failing that, it's their pastor, because they shouldn't be out there alone

0:53:32  aliens find women hot, Satan is whispering to them to do bad things - there are legends of Gods coming down and raping human women - Europa and the Bull, that was Zeus taking the form of a bull, and raping a woman named Europa, the result was the Minotaur, half bull, half man

0:54:28  Satan's natural appearance - remember, he is a cherub - he can appear as an angel of light, but he is not an angel, he's a fallen cherub (see Ezekiel 28)

0:54:50  According to Ezekiel 1 and 13, a cherub is a winged bull with human hands, in its natural state - think of this, he has horns, cloven hoofs, wings - why did Aaron build a golden calf? why does every culture have sacred cows and bulls?

0:56:05  Angels can't procreate with humans as they are, they have no blood, maybe Adam and Eve had no blood until they ate of the tree, which may have been some kind of grape, then they got blood, which was to be their mortality and un-doing - Moses turned water into blood (the Nile river), Jesus turned water into wine.

0:57:21  For an angel to function sexually, it must drink human blood, and at that moment, they fall, it is a sin - and Christians are not to drink blood - the angels become evil, and they lose their beauty, they deteriorate, become twisted and evil looking.

0:58:32  children of the fallen angels are like Hercules, 1/2 god 1/2 man . . . compared to Jesus though, He was 100% God and 100% man, only He could do that

0:59:14  the fallen angels are still driven to interbreed, and with the help of their master Satan, they're working to breed one who will be the AC, that's what alien abduction is about

1:00:06  Dr. John Mack, says there are 4 to 5 million Americans who have had this experience, and many have come to love the aliens who have raped them, and covet their attentions, they think they have a dual conscious, possessed by a super human alien intelligence - this is deception - they don't tell you it's demon possession, instead, they as, "how about an infinitely wise, alien intelligence within you?"  people would say, that sounds cool, ok

1:01:43  the flying saucer cults, and new age cults, say the same thing - love the earth, hug the trees, Jesus is just an ascended master - they don't preach the true gospel, therefore, they're not servants of the true and living God - they're looking to the stars for their salvation, instead of looking to Jesus Christ

1:04:08  They cloned a sheep, like, the Lamb of God . . . black science / black magic

1:06:17  It is the nature of man to want to look to an alien for salvation, rather than to Jesus, who provides it for free, man's ego, human pride - you just have to admit that you're a sinner - the space gospel tickles the human ego

1:08:22  Satan tries to steal the weapons of our warfare - We have authority over the demonic realm - however, where do we get the authority?  That's what Satan will ask you - who are you?  An AC is a substitute Christ - I Jn 4:1-3 try the spirits . . .

1:11:48  Gelded Christianity removes things - defanged, hymns, like "Onward Christian Soldiers," "Power in the Blood" . . . Romans 3:4 Let God be true, but every man a liar

1:13:49  Verses that deny the virgin birth:  Luke 2:33 in the NIV vs KJV, says Joseph was the Father of Jesus . . . Acts 4:27 Holy Servant vs. Holy Child / in NIV, nowhere is Jesus called the "Only Begotten," . . .  1 John 5:7 has been removed entirely, or reduced to a footnote, "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:  and these three are one." - the best verse to use against the JWs, using the NIV, it's like using a machine gun where half your bullets are blanks

1:15:22  NIV vs KJV - Col 1:14 In whom we have redemption "through his blood," even the forgiveness of sins - they get rid of "slaughterhouse religion"

1:15:45  . . . 1 Tim 3:16 "He" vs. "God" appeared in a body / was manifest in the flesh . . . anyone who denies that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is a spirit of AC - why did they do this?  It's like a thief that steals your clothes, but wants applause because he left you your socks.

1:17:00  1 Jn 4:2-3 . . . "has come in the flesh" vs. "cometh in the flesh" - they strike right at the heart of the verse that we're to use to discern spirits

1:18:15  It's important - no revivals since 1904 since they started using the American Standard Version, Satan's masterpiece . . . England's Revised Version of 1888 cost them their place as a world power . . . you turn your back on the Word of God

1:19:17  these Bibles are from the very same corrupt source as the Jehovah's Witness Bibles are from

1:19:33  Westcott and Hort deny all the fundamentals of the faith - all the modern Bibles are based on textual criticism theories of Westcott and Hort, both of whom were apostates, spiritualists and occultists

1:20:03  The Bible is a living book, because God breathes on it, it's alive, Heb 4:12, sharper than any sword - preachers that use the NIV / NAS are blaspheming God, they are taking God's words and stealing them from us, they are anti-Bibles, new age Bibles

1:22:34  Can you copyright the Word of God?  No, but you can with the NIV

1:23:12  This goes right back to the Illuminati, and the Hegelian dialectic of thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis - a Dualistic World View, where there is no final authority - Diablos - Two Conflicting Authorities setting up:  Weishaupt's Law of Fives, Hegel's Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis . . . God says:  "Hear O Israel, The Lord your God is ONE" . . . the Catholics did this for 1500 years with The Pope and Scriptures, if the two contradict, the Pope wins . . . Protestants have done this with 2 to 12 versions of the scriptures, and who decides which is best?  We do. We judge God's Word - False - God's Word judges us.

1:25:04  Whose final authority - Let the Scholars Decide . . . you get rid of the Pope, the Mormon Prophet, Watch Tower - but now we have a priesthood of scholars

1:26:07  Bible A, B, or C and let the "scholars" decide . . . or . . . One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One Inerrant Bible - Remember, "God is not the author of confusion" . . . the modern bibles are the one's that attacked the KJV first, not the other way around - the root of the word "diabolical" means to divide, to cast asunder - the root of our modern word devil

1:27:00  If you read from the true Bible, you are in fact transmitting the Holy Spirit, into yourself and your family - reading from the false Bible . . .

1:28:21  Some Bibles have 1 John 5:7, others don't, how to you reach a consensus, and who decides?  It's a problem of authority - and no one likes final authority, because 1.) it dethrones human intellect, it discredits scholars, 2.) It makes a mock of the one-world government they're trying to produce, 3.) It destroys their idea that everyone has their own truth - if you don't like what one Bible says, you go to another . . . if we have an un-changing standard of measurement, then Satan can't pull any of this stuff.

1:30:22  Bible marketeers today won't call it the "Authorized Version," it's always like the "King James Version" - "where the word of a King is, there is power" - no other Bible was authorized by a King

1:31:16  How do we know that the KJV is the Word of God?  Some say there are errors in it . . . fine, prove it, and the way we know it's the Word of God is because how much we see that Satan attacks it, that's the #1 way - people have died for the KJV - but for the NIV?  Missionaries send them back - Look at the fruit it has born.  Revivals used to close down taverns and brothels, that's the anointing.

1:33:42  The KJV exalts the name of Jesus and His blood more than any other version - who is served when all these verses are removed?  Would it be the Holy Spirit?  No, because the HS says He is here to glorify Jesus Christ - so it must be the other spirit

1:34:11  Also, the KJV is despised by liberal theologians who deny the inerrancy of scripture

1:34:25  Also, when you simply open it on a table, demons begin to tremble

1:34:38  Also, because it was so despised by Matriarch Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society

1:35:51  Modern Bibles are "high things" that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God

1:37:10  Mark 16:9-19 removed by the devil, that's where we get our authority to cast out demons

1:37:48  "Sodomites" are missing from the NIV, Virginia Mollenkopf was on the translation committee, who was a lesbian goddess worshipper - they'll deny it, but she was on that committee

. . . 6.  Sodomy . . . . . Lev 18:22, 23 . . . . . Deut 23:17

. . . Penalty . . . . . Ex 22:19 . . . . . Lev 20:13, 15, 16

1:38:13  The unique deity of Jesus is less emphasized, the Trinity is attacked, the ascension is cast in doubt - do we really have the Word of God?  The Living Word, or a dead book?  The scholars say it's a dead book, that only the original autographs are inspired - but Jesus said in John 15:7, "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."  Jesus was able to minister with authority, because He had no doubt about where His authority came from.

1:39:14  Of course you can get saved out of an NIV, but why give them cotton candy when you can give them the sincere milk of the Word - it's like Masonry, people are in it because they trust a friend who told them it was ok - Pastors use the NIV because their professors told them it was ok - Professors use the NIV because their professors told them it was ok - an no one along the way has bothered to see where the real Word of God is

1:46:34  What is the will of the Father?  Be ye Holy, for I am Holy.  If you love me, you will keep my commandments.  We should live without spot, without wrinkle, with no sin.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *