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I took the long version of Meyer-Briggs personality test a while back, and tested as the ISTJ

In this online version which is shorter, I tested as the INTJ - I may be be actually more "sensing" than "intuitive":

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ISTJ Profile . . .

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ISTJ - Portrait of an ISTJ . . .

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Sexual Immorality Distinctions


What gays don't tell you is that it will be an open marriage.  There are many other words used to describe this:  multiple relations, non-monogamy, polyfidelity, omnigomy

Multiple partners leads to an unleashing of the anti-Christ.  This can happen with fornicating, or adulterer, hetero males also.

Wicca:  Satan's Little White Lie . . .

Sexual immorality makes it impossible for you to commune with God.  It sears your conscience.  You lose any chance at having a concept of holiness or that which is sacred - the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit . . . Instead, you go in the opposite direction towards chaos.

Sexual immorality leads to having no inhibitions.  You develop the reprobate mind, and eventually end up thinking that you're god.  You develop animalistic behavior, and have no concern for others or their feelings.  There is a spectrum - this can lead to becoming something like a very mean person (a psychological rapist), a devious person, or serial killer.

If you want to be free, repent, and turn away from your sin.  Get on your knees right now, and pray to God for forgiveness.  If you're sincere, the Lord will have mercy on your soul.  He can redeem you.


Effects on People


Teaching that homosexuality is ok is a form of psychological rape, and mental abuse, especially for children.

Stalin came up with the term, "political correctness."

"Political correctness is just tyranny with manners.  I wish for you the courage to be unpopular.  Popularity is history's pocket change.  Courage is history's true currency."  Charlton Heston

We have freedom of thought, and freedom of speech in the United States

Nicene Council - Against the World - The Gaystapo . . .

Effects of psychological tyranny:

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Emotional Rape: What Is It?

Experts agree that emotional rape is far more complex than verbal abuse. While the latter tends to be erratic and direct response to specific situations, emotional rape is, quite simply, a systematic destruction of someone's personality.

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When priceless human lives become mere commodities – to be bought, sold and exploited in the human marketplace for pleasure and profit – we have violated the very nature, creation and image of God. Something in our thinking – in our view of humanity – has gone drastically wrong. Our collective conscience is void and our nature succumbs to salacious, predatory and socially cannibalistic tendencies toward our fellow humans.


"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" Jn 8:7 . . . I would like to make a distinction that this applies to a one-time event, that took place and was completed in the past . . . With aesthetic terrorism and propaganda, it's not "judging" if you have your own internal anti-virus program to shut it down, as this is an on-going sin.  What you let into your mind, what you feed your mind, impacts you, and makes you into a certain type of person.  We encounter a stream of information everyday.  For a lot of it, we get to choose that to which we give our attention.  Always ask yourself, "Does this thought or action bring me closer to God, or move me farther away?"


What makes homosexuality a worse sin than others?  Why does God give it the highest form of condemnation?

1.) Because with no other sin do you see its adherents out in the street, in a parade promoting it.

2.) They are filled with Pride.  Pride is another sin - as we see in their promotion of "Gay Pride."

For example - We don't we see parades of adulterers or fornicators.  Why?  Because they know it's wrong.

3.) It's like the one unforgiveable sin, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  In Genesis, it says that God created them male and female - this model leads to "life," which is the theme of the Bible.  Man and Woman together is like the nature of God, it is characteristic of Him.  Two men or two women together can't have a baby, and is a 100%, total negation of the nature of God.

This is why homosexuality is a worse sin than others, different, and why God calls it an abomination.

Asking for acceptance of homosexuality is like asking for acceptance of suicide.  "I think that suicide is ok, why won't you?  You biggot."

When gays fight for so-called equality through gay marriage, they're making a mockery of the sacred.


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Satan is all about fear.  When we're in fear, and not in God's love, that's what Satan is - it empowers him, that's what he wants - and that's why the world is like what it is.

God's has given us a choice of how to live, a relation with Him or not.

Satan doesn't care about people following him or not, believing his lies, he just wants to perpetuate fear and animosities.

It's easy to say Jesus is the Messiah, and then go on in life and say that's good enough, and then get wrapped up in the world, but that's not what Christianity is about.

All the sin going on is being done by man, the further we remove ourselves from sin, the better.

Open your heart to God and live in His will, it's as simple as that.



With court imposed gay marriage, in no time at all, the world will once again be back to the Caesar model, where oligarchs bask in luxury, and the poor suffer, only this time, it will be with government and corporate Caesars.  Read up on Nero, Sporus, and Pythagoras (freedman).

What they don't tell you is that "gay marriage" is open marriage

If man with man is ok, that's bad for women and children.

A child has a right to a mother and father.  What's best for the child is what's important.

Gays hate women